Resorts & Resupply Locations

Here is a list of resorts and establishments in Oregon that offer resupply services and other amenities for PCT hikers. They can all be easily accessed from the PCT, and are typically no more than 2 miles from the trail. Most of these locations will accept and hold mailed resupply packages (see requirements) for free or a small fee. Additionally, most of these locations have stores and/or restaurants where you can get fresh food, a hot meal or that can help you improvise with your resupply plan. If you plan to purchase as you go, pack along extra plastic bags to repackage your food. If you plan to purchase stove fuel along the way, call ahead to inquire about the kinds they keep in supply. Establishments are listed from south to north.


Callahan’s Mountain Lodge

This rustic mountain lodge is located 0.8 mile off the PCT at Siskiyou Pass on I-5 (Section 1, mile 26). This establishment offers comfortable lodge rooms with hot tubs, a restaurant with live music and a full bar. This resort is very hiker-friendly and offers a variety of services to passing PCTers, including camping, showers, laundry service and their famous bottomless spaghetti dinner! The lodge’s tiny giftshop stocks a small selection of snacks and beverages, so is not ideal for purchasing a substantial resupply, but they will hold resupply packages mailed via USPS or UPS for $5. The lodge’s reception desk is usually open for package pickup from 7am–10pm; the restaurant is open from 8am–9pm. Phone: 541-482-1299

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Callahan’s Lodge, 7100 Old Highway 99 South, Ashland, OR  97520

Green Springs Inn

This small roadside resort on OR 66 is 1.8 miles east of the PCT’s highway crossing at Siskiyou Summit (Section 1, mile 43.7). This location offers comfortable lodge rooms, private cabins and a pleasant dining room that serves up big breakfasts, tasty burgers and upscale dinners. They have a tiny store that stocks a selection of beverages and sundries, and will hold resupply packages mailed via USPS or UPS for free. Summer hours for package pickup and the restaurant are typically 9am–9pm. Phone: 541-890-6435

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Green Springs Inn, 11470 Highway 66, Ashland, OR 97520

Campers Cove

Near the shore of Hyatt Lake, this small resort on Hyatt Prairie Road is 1.4 miles northwest of the PCT (Section 1, mile 51). The resort offers well-appointed cabins and a small cafe that serves up pizzas, burgers and hearty breakfasts. This resort’s claim to fame is having “the smallest store on the PCT,” where you’ll find a few snacks, candy bars and beverages. Don’t expect to purchase a worthwhile resupply here. They will hold resupply packages mailed via UPS for free. Store and office hours for package pickup are 8am–5pm; cafe hours vary by day and season, so check their website before you plan to visit. Phone: 541-482-3331

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Hyatt Lake Resort, 7900 Hyatt Prarie Rd., Ashland, OR 97520

Fish Lake Resort

A popular RV camping destination, this resort is located on OR 140, 2 miles west of the PCT (Section 1, mile 81.5). This is one of the better locations for overnight accommodations, dining and resupplying. In addition to the RV campground, they have rustic cabins and tent campsites. There is also a free PCT hikers’ campsite on the east side of the lake. The Tadpole Cafe serves up a good selection of breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes and nightly dinner specials, which can be enjoyed in the dining room or on the shaded deck overlooking the lake. Their large store carries a variety of camp and trail foods, snacks, candy, beverages, sundries and stove fuel. They will hold resupply packages mailed via UPS for $5. Summer office, store and restaurant hours are 9am–7pm, with slightly longer hours on weekends. Phone: 541-949-8500

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Fish Lake Resort, State Hwy 140, Mile Marker 30, Medford, OR 97501

Mazama Village

This busy resort in Crater Lake National Park is 1 mile from the PCT (Section 2, mile 47.1), and is located at the junction of OR 62 and Munson Valley Road. Mazama Village offers a large campground, including a small backpacker’s camp area, in addition to rentable cabins. The Annie Creek Restaurant serves a variety of hearty meals, including decent pizzas and satisfying breakfasts. The well-stocked grocery store stocks plenty of camping and hiking foods and supplies, cold drinks, ice cream, maps and souvenirs; attached to the store are shower and laundry facilities. The store will hold resupply packages mailed via UPS for $5. Summer hours for the store and restaurant are 7am–9pm. Phone: 888-774-2728

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Mazama Village Store, 700 Mazama Village Drive, Crater Lake, OR 97604

Rim Village

This crowded tourist location in Crater Lake National Park is 0.2 mile from the Dutton Creek Trailhead on Rim Drive (Section 2, mile 51.1 ), and 1.9 miles from the PCT. This is the location of the historic Crater Lake Lodge, which offers upscale accommodations and dining options. The Rim Village Cafe, attached to the gift shop, offers a limited selection of premade sandwiches, drinks and candies; the tiny visitor center (where you can pick up wilderness camping permits) sells guidebooks and maps. Summer cafe hours are 9am–8pm. Lodge dining room lunch hours are 11:30am–2:30pm. There is nowhere to send resupply packages to Rim Village. Phone: 888-774-2728

Diamond Lake Resort

Northwest of Crater Lake National Park, this large lakeside resort is 10 miles from the PCT (Section 2, mile 69.5), and just off of OR 138. This large resort has a motel, cabins and small studio units. There are also several large campgrounds located nearby. The resort features three restaurants, Diamond Lake Cafe, Mt. Bailey Grill & Sports Lounge and South Shore Pizza, offering a variety of meal and beverage selections. Their small store stocks a selection of camping foods, snacks, treats, beverages and some supplies. The resort post office will hold resupply packages mailed via USPS for free. Post office hours are 8am–4:30pm (closed noon–1pm) Monday through Friday, and 8am–12:30pm on Saturday; store and restaurant hours vary. Phone: 541-793-3333

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Diamond Lake Resort, 350 Resort Drive, Diamond Lake, Oregon 97731

Shelter Cove

This fishing resort on Odell Lake is 1.8 miles from the PCT (Section 3, mile 58.2) on FR 5810, 2 miles south of OR 58. Home of The General Store, one of the best resupply outlets along the PCT in Oregon, this location also offers rustic cabins, a large four-unit lodge, showers and a laundry room. Camping can be found at the nearby Trapper Creek Campground. The store carries a good selection of camp and hiking foods, snacks, candy and beverages. There aren’t any dining options here, but they do offer hot dogs and microwave pizzas. A hiker donation box can usually be found on the deck outside the store. The store will hold resupply packages mailed via UPS or FedEx for no fee. Summer store hours are typically 7am–6pm. Phone: 541-433-2548

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Shelter Cove Resort, 27600 West Odell Lake Road, Hwy 58, Crescent, OR 97733

Elk Lake Resort

Located on the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, this popular resort is 1.3 miles from the PCT (Section 4, mile 44.5). The resort offers a campground, rustic camping cabins and vintage log cabins. Near the lakeshore, the resort restaurant serves up hearty breakfasts and tasty burgers and sandwiches, as well as a variety of sodas, local brews and cocktails; they also have ice cream and a coffee bar. You can enjoy your refreshments indoors or out on their large deck. The tiny store stocks only a limited selection of snacks and drinks. The resort will hold resupply packages mailed via UPS for $5. Summer office and restaurant hours vary by day, but are usually open 11am–7pm, with longer hours on weekends. Phone: 541-480-7378

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Elk Lake Resort, 60,000 Century Dr., Bend, OR 97701

Big Lake Youth Camp

A few miles south of US 20/OR 126 at Santiam Pass, this youth summer camp is 0.8 mile from the PCT (section mile 87). Primarily used as a resupply point for PCT thru-hikers, camp also offers limited meals, showers and laundry facilities to passing hikers (donations suggested for each). Camping can be found on the other side of the lake. The camp store only stocks a small selection of snacks and beverages, so this location is not suitable for purchasing a resupply. The camp will hold packages mailed via USPS or UPS for free. Packages can be retrieved from the Headquarters building near the camp entrance, which is usually open 8am–7pm. Phone: 503-850-3583

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Big Lake Youth Camp, 13100 Hwy 20, Sisters, OR 97759

Ollalie Lake Resort

This small summer resort is just 0.1 mile from the PCT (Section 5, mile 44.7) on FR 4220. This location offers rustic cabins and two yurts at very modest prices. They also host the nearby Paul Dennis Campground. The moderate store here stocks a decent selection of camping foods, snacks, candy and beverages—enough to put together a few days’ menu if needed—as well as a small selection of sundries, trail supplies and stove fuel. Due to its remote location, this resort does not accept or hold resupply packages. Phone: 541-480-7378

Timberline Lodge

The crown jewel of Mount Hood, this historic lodge is just 0.2 mile from the PCT (Section 6, mile 0). The lodge offers luxury accommodations in a rustic and relaxed style. There are three restaurants in the lodge, including the Ram’s Head Bar and Blue Ox Bar, that serve moderate and upscale dining selections—the breakfast buffet in the Cascade Dining Room is a PCT hikers’ favorite. The small store only sells gifts and souvenirs, so plan on mailing everything you might need. The Wy’East Store, across the parking area from the lodge, will hold resupply packages mailed via USPS for $5. Summer store hours for package pickup are (TK). Phone: 503-272-3311

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o Timeberline Ski Area, Wy’East Store, Government Camp, OR 97028

Cascade Locks

This small town on the Columbia River where the PCT leaves Oregon, is 0.1 mile from the trailhead at the Bridge of the Gods. There a handful of grocery and restaurant options for purchasing a resupply here, as well as hotel and campground options for overnight accommodations. For stocking up, your best bets are Columbia Market and A&J Select Market. The Bridgeside Inn, at the bottom of the bridge ramp below the trailhead serves cafeteria-style meals that can be enjoyed with nice views of the bridge and river. The Cascade Locks post office, 0.3 mile north of the trailhead on Wanapa Street will hold resupply packages mailed via USPS for free. Post office hours are 8:30am–5pm Mon.–Fri. Phone: 541-374-5026

Send resupply packages to:
PCT Hiker: (your name), c/o General Delivery, 461 NW Wanapa Street, Cascade Locks, OR 97014

When addressing your resupply packages, it is a good idea to write your name and ETA on several sides of your box. This will help the attendant locate your box if it gets piled up with numerous other boxes, or stashed in their mail closet.

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