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Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon, by Eli Boschetto, covers the entire 455.2-mile stretch of the PCT through Oregon in this comprehensive guidebook for hiking the world-famous, long-distance trail. The state is divided into six trail sections, and is presented in a manner to make the PCT accessible to hikers of all abilities and interests. Packed full of helpful planning information and inspiring color images, it is sure to get you itching to lace up your boots and hit the trail. Quitting jobs, leaving family and living on peanut butter and beef jerky is not required to get out and experience your own PCT adventure!

Guidebook Features

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon features a nearly mile-by-mile guide to the PCT through Oregon. Complete trail descriptions cover nearly every up, down, twist and turn the PCT makes as it winds its way through old-growth forests, over alpine meadows, across desolate lava fields, and around snowy, Cascade peaks. Detailed area info highlights the natural features of every section, from unique geologic formations in the Siskiyou Mountains to prominent wildflowers in the Three Sisters Wilderness. There’s even informative historical trivia about the trail, including geographic features, cultural points of interest and Native American legends.

Six Trail Sections

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon employs a new section numbering system for ease of trip planning and more convenient access to trail sections. This numbering system varies slightly from the traditional PCT lettering system, however letters are included to help coordinate longer thru-hikes.

  • 1: Donomore Pass to Fish Lake
  • 2: Fish Lake to Cascade Crest
  • 3: Cascade Crest to Willamette Pass 
  • 4: Willamette Pass to Santiam Pass*
  • 5: Santiam Pass to Timberline Lodge*
  • 6: Timberline Lodge to Bridge of the Gods

Section Features

Each section of Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Oregon is packed with tons of information to help you start planning your PCT hike.

  • Detailed camp-to-camp descriptions
  • Trail maps and elevation profiles
  • Locations of reliable water sources
  • Driving directions to trailheads
  • Alternate routes and connecting trails
  • Info on camping and wilderness permits
  • Near-trail resources and resupply locations
  • Ranger stations and contact info
  • Suggested hiking itineraries
  • Seasonal info, flora and fauna

Even More Resources

Four appendix sections provide a wealth of logistical information to help you put the finishing touches on your PCT hiking plans.

  • Permit info
  • Trail maps
  • Ranger Stations
  • Contact info
  • Area lodging
  • Nearby camping
  • Dining & refreshments
  • Grocery stores
  • Resupply services
  • Additional resources

Guidebook Updates

Due to its location and exposure to the elements, the Pacific Crest Trail is constantly changing. While every effort was made to ensure the most accurate trail information possible, natural forces are always at work. Fires, floods and blowdown and rockfall are constantly occurring in Oregon’s Cascade mountains. Check our Updates Page for the latest changes to to the PCT in Oregon.

About the Author

Eli Boschetto is a seasoned hiker, trail writer, photographer and outdoor gear reviewer. He spent four years hiking and meticulously researching the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon in order to develop the most complete and detailed Oregon PCT resource available. Eli has worked as a trail correspondent for Backpacker and is a former editor and art director for Washington Trails. Eli lives in Portland, Oregon, and is currently at work on two new hiking guides: Urban Trails: Portland and Day Hiking: Mount Hood.

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