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Expert Advice from
Outdoor Retailer 2018

This summer, we surveyed the reps from some of our favorite outdoor brands for their suggestions in helping ensure successful and enjoyable PCT-hiking experiences. We collected a fantastic set of tips, with no-brainers, like “Don’t forget toilet paper,” to original suggestions, like “Make up fun trail games.” Check out our faves in the gallery below. And since there’s still a good month or two of PCT hiking left here in Oregon, perhaps you can incorporate a few of these tips into your own fall outings—or take note of a few to apply to your 2019 hiking plans.

Start with a cup of coffee. Finish with a pint of beer.

Massimo Alpian

Eliminate self-judgement and be OK with your own interests and abilities.

Lindsey Beal

Remember to look up every once in a while.

Jennifer Burpo

Enjoy everything about being outdoors: the sights, sounds, smells, etc.

Mary Butler
Sea to Summit

Bring extra socks!

Julie Campagnoli

Bring a journal to record your experience—and how to learn from it.

Cleary Chizmar

The unexpected will happen. Be prepared to handle a variety of situations.

Rob Coughlin
Granite Gear

Pack and wear layers for a variety of weather and temperature conditions.

Jade Eaton

Identify your five success factors, e.g., sleep, food, comfort, company, etc.

Cheriss Faiola
Gear Aid

Don’t forget toilet paper!

Yusuke Igarashi

Take small trips as often as possible—not just big ones.

Dave Jay
NatGeo Trails Illustrated

Make up fun games to play on trail and in camp.

Carl Johnson
Big Agnes

Indulge a little and bring good food you’ll want to eat.

Kate Ketchek
NEMO Equipment

Remember sunscreen!

Sierra Krebsbach

Use a checklist so you don’t forget any essentials.

Jim Lamancusa
Cusa Tea

Stay hydrated!

Cory Lowe
La Sportiva

Give yourself more than enough time to travel, hike, etc.

Brayton Maine

Research your destination for distance, water, elevation, etc.

Shae Martin
Green Goo

Bring lots of treats—and take breaks to enjoy them.

Kelsey McGrey

Enjoy being a member of the trail community.

Alexa McRoberts

Be prepared for weather and temperature changes.

Elizabeth Parsons

Be flexible to deal with changes in weather, trail conditions, etc.

Kendra Samuel

Know where your water sources are so you don’t carry more than you need to.

Dave Simpson
Outdoor Research

Put away your phone and be where you are.

Camryn Walton

Choose to do less than you think you can.

Scott Wilkinson

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